The Steep Incline

 There’s a segment of the track on my daily walk that has short steep incline.

It’s been interesting observing the various bike riders when they come to this section of the pathway.

Some riders don’t even bother trying to ride the section, they just get off and walk up with the bike.

Some riders get part way up and stall – then get off and walk.

Others get part way up and struggle to get up the last bit.

Some riders change gears – but they haven’t chosen the right one and they make it harder for themselves than it needs to be.

I’ve seen some riders standing up on the pedals straining to make it up the incline and others who practically glide up – they haven’t had to change how they are pedalling – it doesn’t seem to be any effort at all.

Recently I observed a young girl, not much of her and I didn’t think she would manage the hill, but she did.

Oh, and I’ve also seen an elderly lady with her wheelie walker, slow and steady, make it to the top – after the rain, when the path was wet!

 I guess it’s a picture of what life is like.

When the going gets a bit tough – there’s lots of different ways to approach it.

How you manage might depend on your age and fitness and what you are equipped with and how you use it.

But ultimately it doesn’t matter – just your willingness and maybe determination to keep going.

Everyone’s life journey is their own – we just navigate it at our own pace and in our own way.

The way we navigate life is not necessarily wrong, compared to others, just different.

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