Reading for Distraction

I am, as I recently found out, a librocubicularist and I don’t mind one bit.

It just means I like to read in bed. (or on the bed as the case may be).

Nothing I’d prefer to do more – given the chance.

As a teenager, I’d much rather be inside reading than outside with my younger brothers.

They were always on the go, especially with cricket and soccer…. I don’t have a sporting bone in my body and as an introvert much prefer my own company.

“Reading was my only escape from reality. Through books I could be whoever I wanted. I could fall I love with the handsome prince, travel to exotic locations and take the leap that almost always had a happy ending” Teresa Mummert.

So, no surprises I was always making up my own stories – even if only in my head before I went to sleep.

The character of Matilda, in the Roald Dahl book of the same name, used books to escape from the harsh reality of her life – both at home and at school with an overbearing headmistress.

I’m sure children have always read to escape their lives for a bit and indeed as adults we often do the same.

Reading for distraction can be a vital coping mechanism. I was reminded of this a while back when visiting my daughter in the Philippines. In her gap year she was working with several different children’s organisations. At times I found it overwhelming. Apart from adjusting to a hugely different country to Australia, there was also the noise and chaos of having so many children in one place. And coming to terms with their often heartbreaking stories.  I found that in any downtime I was looking for something light to read – as a distraction.

The last couple of years in particular have been very difficult for me, after the death of a close family member, and I have found solace in stories.  I have read so much more than I ever have in the past.

Unlike some people dealing with grief, I didn’t find it impossible to read – I found it was a good way to avoid dwelling my own thoughts too much.

“Reading is a perfect escape from an unperfect reality. A way to escape – even just for a little while.”

Brushstrokes of Love
Out Now

That is one of the reasons I finally put a story out into the ‘universe’ – so someone might be able to use it as a mini break, to get out of their world for a bit and enjoy some respite from everyday life pressures. To take some ‘me time’ and maybe re-calibrate just a little.

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