I knew I was overdue for another blog. The thing is, as a writer you need to build an ‘author platform’, but the time you devote putting words together for a blog or post or whatever else you are working on, takes time way from the main thing you need to do – writing your next book.

Finding a blog topic can be elusive. Well not so much the actual topic – just the development of it into a decent piece of prose worthy of chucking up on the website. Topics can be like shiny object syndrome. ‘Oh, look a that one.’… ‘That might be a good topic…’‘What about this one or that’ ….‘Oh, there’s another one that might work.’ …. It often get’s so overwhelming so you procrastinate over the whole deal. More time passes and you flitter around, not deciding, avoiding the whole thing.

Procrastination is a universal human trait but seems to be heightened in writers.

I’m been working with a couple of other authors – podcasting about writing for Christian writers* and we did an episode on procrastination and honestly, I was procrastinating about procrastination research.

Oh look- there’s a cartoon…. Here is a procrastination bingo game, haha.

Why do I procrastinate?

 It’s probably a universal writer thing

Maybe I don’t think I can write anything worth reading – so I unconsciously sabotage myself.

Maybe I’m afraid of failure… or even success.

Maybe I expect perfection so avoid writing because I don’t think I have the skill set.

It’s easy to get too busy or blame a lack of inspiration.

Or all of the above!!!

These are some things I have found that might help overcome the tendency to procrastinate…

Minimizing things that are a distraction is a good start.

Breaking the writing task down to make it more manageable and scheduling a time to get it done

Using a timer and writing for a set amount of time is a good ploy.

Writing anything, even it’s it’s gobbledygook just to get something down on the page

Rephrasing the internal voice from “I have to write’ to ‘I choose to write’.

Giving yourself a reward for reaching a goal.

Be like the Nike ad and Just Do It.

I’m taking care of my procrastination problem – just you wait and see.

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