I Went Walking…

Last year I took a photo every day… it has been a few years since I have attempted this. To make it easier on myself this time around, I made a point of taking photos on my daily walk. Previously, I’d often get to the end of the day and realize I’d not taken a photo and then race around trying to find something… anything to snap. This time, if there were no other photos over the rest of the day, I’d still have a few to choose from. Most of the time, it was hard to decide on just one photo. Last year there were 366 days in the year and there were well over 2000 photos in the computer folder!!

The best day was when I found a family of tawny frogmouth in a tree, settling in a for a sleep. I raced home for my DSLR and drove back to grab some great photos.

Juvenile Tawny Frogmouth

Taking photos is one of my passions and and I always have my phone on me when I walk. ( the main criteria of buying my walk shorts was a big enough pocket for my phone!) I took time to notice things that most people wouldn’t see or be bothered with. One morning I decided to take photos of flowers. Another day it was the texture of tree bark. Empty playground equipment was the focus on another walk. There was also a bug day and a day of repeating patterns – like a picket fence or brickwork.

I can’t count how many lost balls and left behind drink bottles I saw over the course of the year. Socks, hats, jumpers… scooters, helmets, sunglasses…. which by the way, also gave me the inspiration to (one day) write a series of short stories based on someone finding a lost item and trying to return it to the owner. I’ve returned a few dog collars, taken an insulin kit to the local police station and spent quite a bit of time tracking down the owner of a bunch of business cards and photos of kids. Turns out the landscape tradie they belonged to had his wallet stolen out of his truck. The thief must’ve taken off and eventually discarded the contents down by the creek. Unfortunately I didn’t find his wallet but he was grateful for the return of the photos.

Another time I found a geocaching container, which someone had found… and dumped. All the trinkets were scattered across the ground. There was ID on the box and I jumped onto the website when got home and left a message so the the owner could be contacted to retrieve it. ( Coincidentally, in the current book I was reading at the time, the main character was setting up a geocache promotion!)

The heart of the raindrop!

I’m always looking for a slightly different angle. My current “go to” shot is to put the phone on the ground, if possible, to take the photo. There’s more photos of raindrops on, well not roses, but leaves, flowers, seats and rails than I can poke the proverbial stick at.. There is so much variety to photograph. At the time of writing we’ve had quite a lot of rain, so mushroom photos are a popular subject.

Anyway here is a link to a heavily curated album with a selection of some of the many and varied subject matters from my walks, whether they be my local circuit or some other place I’ve walked. Enjoy.


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