I was working on different blog subject, but I felt this one was more timely. Not sure how things are in your part of the world Covid 19 wise, but here in Australia our Prime Minister has copped a hammering. To say it has been a difficult few months wouldContinue Reading

I am, as I recently found out, a librocubicularist and I don’t mind one bit. It just means I like to read in bed. (or on the bed as the case may be). Nothing I’d prefer to do more – given the chance. As a teenager, I’d much rather beContinue Reading

Research is always an important part of the writing process. Gathering information to add life and credibility to a story. The satisfaction of finding some gems that you have been searching for, or ones that you didn’t realize you were needing to add to your narrative. Weaving both fact andContinue Reading

I’ve just come back from a trip to India and there were a few issues with our accommodation. I used an online booking site for some of the hotels and discovered, the hard way, that the photos posted and the accompanying reviews may not necessarily be one hundred percent truthful.Continue Reading

Out walking the other day, I came across a detour sign – it wasn’t there earlier when I walked past. Isn’t that like life though – detours turn up unexpectedly. If you are familiar with the area – you think – okay there’s a detour but I know it willContinue Reading