“Patience and fortitude conquer all things.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson While out walking, I came across a sticker with the word Fortitude. It was quite random. Before long though, I was thinking about the word fortitude which comes from the Latin word ‘fortitudo’ meaning strength. Fortitude is something that weContinue Reading

I knew I was overdue for another blog. The thing is, as a writer you need to build an ‘author platform’, but the time you devote putting words together for a blog or post or whatever else you are working on, takes time way from the main thing you needContinue Reading

 There’s a segment of the track on my daily walk that has short steep incline. It’s been interesting observing the various bike riders when they come to this section of the pathway. Some riders don’t even bother trying to ride the section, they just get off and walk up withContinue Reading

Lately,  I’ve been doing a lot of winnowing – trying to separate the good stuff from the bad. Wheat from the chaff  if you will. Winnowing is the word used to describe the process for separating the grain from the chaff, once it has been loosened in the threshing process.Continue Reading

I was working on different blog subject, but I felt this one was more timely. Not sure how things are in your part of the world Covid 19 wise, but here in Australia our Prime Minister has copped a hammering. To say it has been a difficult few months wouldContinue Reading