Do you have a field of dreams? Yes, it’s a refence to the Kevin Costner movie of the same name. For instance, is your field of dreams a cultivated field; with rows of plants lined up? Well-watered and fertilised? Maybe you prefer to be organic in your approach. Or isContinue Reading

I have an annual job to photograph junior teams for a local soccer club. Over several Saturday mornings in the middle of winter you’ll find me at their grounds. Organizing players into height order for the team photos and then taking individual pictures before their home games. All four of my kids playedContinue Reading

It’s the start of winter. The mornings are chillier, and it takes longer to get out of bed and get going for the day. But here in the subtropics winter is not as cold as it could be. I’m a ‘true’ Queenslander – I don’t like the cold weather.  OnContinue Reading

Last year I took a photo every day… it has been a few years since I have attempted this. To make it easier on myself this time around, I made a point of taking photos on my daily walk. Previously, I’d often get to the end of the day andContinue Reading

As we close out a year that everyone will be glad to see the back of, I hope the word unprecedented will be able to take a well-earned break from the world’s vocabulary.  We’ve learned things about ourselves, our country and the world in general. We’ve seen the worst inContinue Reading