To avoid harassment after a high-profile court case, Caroline Hammond’s lawyer sends her to lie low at a Fijian resort managed by his godson.

Shattered by the trial and the media firestorm, an exhausted Caroline eventually starts to find peace of mind, soothed by the tranquillity of the island paradise… and a blossoming relationship with an expat Aussie.

Ryan is drawn to the fragile Australian staying at the resort, but he’s made mistakes before. Will he break his rule not to get involved with guests?

Just as their romance starts to flourish, they learn the media is still searching for the elusive Caroline Hammond.

Will the paparazzi discover where she has been hiding out? Is their relationship too new to survive the media onslaught?

Caroline knows she can’t run forever. Can she start over and build a future with Ryan in Fiji, or will she always be seen as one of the Sommerfield Seven?

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